At Brookshire Brothers, our goal is to serve our guests with quality products. That means we make sure our fruits and vegetables come from farms that make their product right, whether they’re locally-grown produce or delivered to our door. That means we mean it when we say we offer organic produce.

And, of course, that means any help you may need in your walk down the produce aisle can always be provided by our in-store experts. They’re dedicated to their knowledge of fruits and vegetables, but they’re even more dedicated to helping you get exactly what you need. So come on in – produce shopping is better with someone you know.

Fresh Express LogoFresh Express

If you’re short on time, but want the crunch, flavor, and nutrition you can only get from quality produce, we’re here to help. Grab a bag of Fresh Express salads, or enjoy pre-cut, washed fruits and vegetables. Garden salads, kale, spinach, coleslaw and salad kits are delivered daily.

Sunrise Snacks

Delicious bites for the healthy eater on the go, Sunrise Snacks are prepackaged, snack-sized servings of great-tasting dried fruits and vegetables – all low-calorie and low-sodium. Available in varieties like dried okra, green beans, carrots, and bananas, you’ll find a zesty snack for every palate.

Special Orders

Looking for something different? No problem! Our produce experts are ready and willing to work on a special order for any occasion.