Look what’s cooking at the Brookshire Brothers Deli – quality. Our Deli covers the basics like our signature fried chicken and Texas Kitchens potato salads just the way you like them – tasty, dependable and a family favorite. We offer mouth-watering Heavenly Bread Pudding, made in Madisonville, Texas, and Deli Trays for every occasion, that are sure to appeal to everyone. But our Deli doesn’t stop there. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, turn to our Deli for all your needs. If there’s an event on your calendar, large or small, our Deli experts are here to help. They’ll make you a culinary hero while saving you time and money. And that’s a good thing.

Deli BreakfastBreakfast/Lunch/Dinner »

Our Brookshire Brothers Delis offer mealtime solutions. Our Deli makes great tasting and high-quality meals, entrées and sides – all day long. Why go for fast food when you can go for the good food at our Deli? Learn More »


Deli TrayDeli Trays »

Convenient and delicious, our Deli Trays are a big hit with family, friends and the work crowd. Our Deli staff has the experience to create satisfying combinations that are sure to make you smile. Learn More »


Deli ComplementsComplement Trays »

These specialties go hand-in-hand with the rest of your selections to round out your menu. Learn More »


Deli ChickenChicken »

Brookshire Brothers Fried Chicken is famous. In fact, it’s the Best Fried Chicken in town! Our team of Deli experts are really into Fried Chicken. But did you know we also make a fine Rotisserie chicken in a variety of flavors? Learn More »


Deli CaseDeli Case »

Variety, quality and convenience – that’s what you’ll find in the Brookshire Brothers Deli Case. Our Deli Case is stocked with flavorful, tempting salads, meats, cheeses and desserts. Learn More »