Bakery: Putting the "good" in baked goods



At Brookshire Brothers, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent selection and variety of baked goods. Our expert bakers can help you prepare for any occasion with both savory and sweet breads, rolls, cakes, cupcakes, and pies. Need something extra special? Be the ultimate host with our delicious bakery trays, dessert trays, cookie trays, seasonal pies, and specialty cakes ready for your next celebration.

Bakery TraysBakery Trays »

Impress your guests with a Bakery Tray arranged by our experts. We offer a variety of trays guaranteed to be a hit at any event, whether it’s brunch, dinner, or just hungry people getting together! Learn More »

Bakery Specialty CakesSpecialty Cakes »

Any celebration is more fun with cake! Birthdays, graduations, promotions, anniversaries, and more all have a specialty cake at our bakery. Learn More »

CakeCakes »

Everyone loves cake – that’s why we carry such a wide variety! If you need a custom design, bring us a picture, a doodle, or just a description, and we’ll handle it. Our experts are ready and willing to make your cake as memorable as it is delicious! Learn More »

Bakery CookiesCookies »

If you’re wondering why our cookies taste so much like home, it’s because we make them fresh every day! Try our gourmet and home-style cookies, and for a real treat check out our selection of cookie cakes! Learn More »

Bakery PiesPies »

We’ve taken the most traditional American dessert to a new level of tastiness. And just like American bakers always have, we make them fresh every day! Check in with us throughout the year to try our seasonal pies! Learn More »

Bakery RollsBreads and Rolls »

Our Bakery staff knows you need different bread for different meals. Need crustier bread for spaghetti night? We’ve got it. Want something light and fluffy? That’s what our croissants are for! Whatever your bread craving, our bread experts are ready to take care of it! Learn More »

Bakery Wedding CakesWedding Cakes »

Wedding cakes are made to bring good luck to the couple and all their guests. We offer custom designs to help you say “I do” in style. It would be our pleasure to be a part of your happily ever after! Learn More »