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Make Life Sweet with Halos Mandarins

Lunch Box Love Note: With Valentine’s Day almost here, let your little ones know how much you love them with our special-edition lunch box love notes. Plus, these are perfect for classroom exchanges, too! Just download, print and add your own special message.

Cantaloupe Creations

Distinctively sweeter and incredibly fresh. The CantaGold has been cultivated with care from Guatemala and we're proud it has arrived to our stores!    ...

Real Fresh, Real Delicious July 4th Broccoli Salad

The 4th of July is such a relaxed holiday, and one of my favorite parts of every holiday is of course, the food.  Picnic fare is what the 4th is famous for, and I can’t say I’m mad about it.  Picnic food should be simple, portable, fun, and most of all, delicious.  That’s where my broccoli salad comes in.  Once upon a time, I whipped this salad up on a whim and my kids gobbled it up in a day.  Better yet, this salad is so easy to adjust to fit your style.  There’s really no way to get this wrong.  Best of all, this dish will be the ...

Summer Fruit: A Delicious Problem

Every year it happens. I’m blissfully enjoying the spring bounty of strawberries when the delicious summer grapes and blackberries show up. I immediately load my grocery cart up with more fruit than I can fit in my fridge. Next, the watermelon, peaches, and blueberries appear, and my already crowded refrigerator space takes another hit. The weather continues to get warmer, and my fridge continues to get fuller until finally, the cherries arrive. Oh, the glorious, shiny, dark red cherries – they beckon me with their perfectly juicy balance of sweet and tart.

Real Fresh, Real Delicious Blueberry Smoothie Bowls

I’m all about blueberries right now.  I always get a little antsy waiting for blueberry season, and when it finally arrives I get a little carried away.  After filling my fridge with the tiny little blue orbs of delight, I realize that I might need to get a little creative to use them all up.  This isn’t a bad problem to have though, because most things blueberry-themed are A-OK in my book.  A favorite easy go-to recipe is always going to be a smoothie.  They are satisfying, easy to make, pretty, and best of all, delicious.  What could possibly be more fun th ...