Earth Day Activities For Kids
Earth Day is for demonstrating environmental protection and a good way to show kids how to reuse and recycle items around the home! 
Mini greenhouse made out of a cupcake container 

Repurposing Old Plastic Containers as Mini Greenhouses for Sprouting Seeds

Use old cupcakes, salad, and rotisserie chicken containers to make mini-greenhouse used to sprout seeds. Since many of these containers are not biodegradable this is a perfect way to reuse them.
Can painted to make mini planters

Reused Cans Painted for Mini-Planters

Use cleaned tin cans to make mini-planters, can lanterns, pencil holders, and many more items. Just clean, paint, and decorate!
Child in a decorated cardboard box fort

Cardboard Projects

Use a cardboard box from a recent purchase to have all kinds of fun. Kids will have fun making a cardboard playhouse/fort just decorate it with poster paint, making ramps for their cars, creating a cardboard kitchen to play in, and other fun things.
Enjoy these fun Earth Day activities for kids, and be sure to pick-up cupcakes or a rotisserie chicken to enjoy at your local Brookshire Brothers, and don't forget to reuse the container.