Earth Day Activities For Kids
Earth Day is for demonstrating environmental protection and a good way to show kids how to reuse and recycle items around the home! 
Mini greenhouse made out of a cupcake container 

Repurposing Old Plastic Containers as Mini Greenhouses for Sprouting Seeds

Use old cupcakes, salad, and rotisserie chicken containers to make mini-greenhouse used to sprout seeds. Since many of these containers are not biodegradable this is a perfect way to reuse them.
Can painted to make mini planters

Reused Cans Painted for Mini-Planters

Use cleaned tin cans to make mini-planters, can lanterns, pencil holders, and many more items. Just clean, paint, and decorate!
Child in a decorated cardboard box fort

Cardboard Projects

Use a cardboard box from a recent purchase to have all kinds of fun. Kids will have fun making a cardboard playhouse/fort just decorate it with poster paint, making ramps for their cars, creating a cardboard kitchen to play in, and other fun things.
Enjoy these fun Earth Day activities for kids, and be sure to pick-up cupcakes or a rotisserie chicken to enjoy at your local Brookshire Brothers, and don't forget to reuse the container.


Happy Earth Day 2018
In 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson established Earth Day to garner national support and bring attention to the most pressing environmental issues. Since then, this day annually serves as a celebratory reminder of mankind’s mutualistic relationship with nature, along with its increased importance in our globalized world economy and the need for institutions to continually examine their environmental impact. Environmental concerns are one aspect of corporate social responsibility (CSR), an emerging business practice focused on sustainable contributions to society.
Get outdoors this Earth Day. Celebrate with our latest Fast Feast, perfect for backyard burgers!
The European conglomerate Unilever—whose brands include Axe, Dove, Lipton, Breyers, and Dollar Shave Club—is recognized as a global leader in corporate social responsibility.  According to CEO Paul Polman, his personal mission is “to galvanize our company to be an effective force for good.” The results speak for themselves: the company’s brands that were committed to sustainability grew 50% faster than the others, contributing to 60% of the Unilever’s growth in 2016.
Earth Day 2018
Like Unilever, Brookshire Brothers is committed to reducing its environmental footprint throughout its operations.  Company-wide, we salvage more than 11 million pounds of waste that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, including cardboard, soft plastics, meat,deli, and producewastes.  As a grocer, we are the retailer for nature’s products, whether we’re selling Cheerios, oranges, or a strip steak. Thus, we have a responsibility—really, an obligation—to be good stewards of the resources we use and sell.
Read more: Take a look back at some of the contributions to our local communitiesin the last year.
This stewardship has led us to enroll in a program with Manomet called the Grocery Stewardship Certification. Using a point-based methodology in green practices and infrastructure, Manomet awards the certification from a weighted criteria covering areas such as food waste, efficient refrigerant, water usage, and recycling.  We currently have 16 stores working toward the GSC and with each store’s renovation, green practices and features are implemented.  We look to add more locations in the near future.
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We love being Your Community Grocer, and that includes the bigger community that we are all a part of beyond ourselves: our planet.  As we aim to lessen our impact on the natural world, we encourage you to do the same. Happy Earth Day!