DIY Hot Chocolate Buddy
Keep the kiddos occupied this winter break with this fun & edible craft. A Hot Chocolate Buddy is the perfect treat while you binge watch your favorite Christmas movies, and make your hot cocoa EVEN MORE delicious. So make your hot cocoa a "sweet" companion and enjoy this simple Christmas treat!
DIY Hot Chocolate Buddy

DIY Hot Chocolate Buddy

      • Large marshmallows
      • 4 inch toothpicks
      • Pretzel sticks
      • Candy Corn
      • Decorating Gel
      • Start by placing a toothpick through center of one marshmallow, leave enough room on both ends for the head and bottom.
      • Place a marshmallow on both ends of the toothpicks.
      • Use a second toothpick to make holes for the nose, arms and legs.
      • Place a piece of candy corn in the nose hole. 
      • Bite off the ends of 4 pretzel sticks for the arms and legs (pretzel sticks are a little bit too long for the arms and legs otherwise).
      • Use the decorating gel to draw the mouth, eyes and three buttons down the front of the snowman.
      • Serve with hot cocoa and enjoy!
*Be sure to let small children know about the toothpick in the center.
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