Man Up With Men's Health Advice

With all the information concerning men’s health, we no longer have to wait for symptoms of an illness to take better care of ourselves. On average, a man reaching the age of 65 can be expected to live until 83.4 years of age. As the medical community begins to learn more about the human body and with continued implementation of healthy behaviors, this age will likely increase.

Through different media sources, we are provided with countless reasons why men should be proactive about their health. Although there may be many different ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle, one thing every man can agree on is “you are what you eat”. Meals high in fat and calories can add inches to your waist and increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. Fuel for your body should come from a variety of food sources such as fruits, nuts, vegetables and whole grains. Combine this snacking strategy with the use of low cholesterol products when preparing meals and you’re sure to keep hunger and the sweet tooth at bay. During the day, carrying raw almonds to munch on, or other protein-packed snacks, satisfy hunger and reduce the likelihood of eating salty and sweet treats that contain no nutritional value. While eating healthier can take a little more time and planning, your time will be earned back as your life longevity increases.

Celebrate this month by scheduling an appointment with your primary care provider or encouraging the man in your life to do so. As always, visit with our pharmacists for advice on how to better take care of your body and mind.

Olen English, RPh
Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy – Carthage, TX