Las Posadas

As the holiday season is nearing, we are encouraging our customers and employees to share their traditions. We hope you enjoy the tradition of Las Posadas and encourage your family to participate with us this year!

The Tradition of Las Posadas

The Mexican Posadas is a 9-day Mexican Christmas celebration to recreate the journey that Mary and Joseph took traveling from Nazareth to Bethlehem looking for a warm place to give birth. During the journey, Mary and Joseph are turned away by many but finally come to a home that lets them in. However, in Hispanic cultures, the recreation of the journey is represented by those who attend the Posadas and ask for a 'welcoming' via songs. Traditionally, most begin singing further away from the home and are turned down until they reach the front home. After entering the home, one of the most important things in the celebration is the food that brings people together. Enjoy tamales, empanadas, and all traditional hispanic dishes.

Join us in the celebration of Las Posadas and tell us your Posadas turned out!

Posada Song

           Outside:                                            Inside:
In the name of Heaven                   This is not an inn
I beg you for lodging,                        so keep going.
for she cannot walk                           I cannot open
my beloved wife.                           you may be a rogue.

         Outside:                                              Inside:
We are worn out                      I don't care about your name.
coming from Nazareth.                     Let me sleep,
I am a carpenter,                       because I already told you
Joseph by name.                          we shall not open up.

         Outside:                                              Inside:
My wife is Mary                                  Are you Joseph?
She's the Queen of Heaven          Your wife is Mary?
and she's going to be a mother     Enter, pilgrims.
of the Divine Word.                   I did not recognize you.

          Outside:                                              Inside:
May God pay, gentle folks,           Blessed is the house
your charity,                                    that shelters this day
and thus heaven heap                        the pure Virgin,
happiness upon you.                        the beautiful Mary.

Outside and Inside Sing together:

Enter, holy pilgrims, holy pilgrims, receive this corner, for though this dwelling is poor, I offer it with all my heart.


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