Back to School 2021: Don't Forget the Pets!

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Back to School is almost upon us, and most families are about to head into a scramble to get everything ready for their school-aged loved ones. 

As the date approaches, let's remember that our furry family members need our support, as well. Brookshire Brothers and Paws Happy Life have the items you need to stock up and help ease your pets into the transitionary period of their best friends leaving for hours out of the day again. 

Behind every pounce, tail wag, wing flap or fetch is a happy pet. Find what you need for your pet's health and well-being through affordable, quality food, treats, toys and accessories!

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In addition to healthy food, snacks and toys, there are more things you can do to help your pet acclimate to family life back on the educational grind. 

  • Match your children's need for energy and exercise to theirs.

    • Just as your kids will need an outlet when they come home from sitting in a classroom all day, your pets will need a way to express all the energy they normally would while the kids were at home. Send them outside with the kiddos to run, jump and play together, or go out to the local park for a fun evening jaunt. 
  • Set a regular schedule for everyone.

    • Your pets, like your kids, will need to acclimate to a new schedule. Consider taking strides to start aspects of your new schedule early like waking up earlier and spending time in the kennel so everyone can get used to life as it will be. 
  • Find ways for stimulation.

    • Your pets will need ways to distract themselves during the hours alone. Try finding simple, consistent solutions like puzzle toys and snack dispensers or something as simple as a cardboard box for some!
  • Spend extra quality time with them.

    • Possibly above all else, the best way to help your pet transition is just give them a little extra love in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Give them cuddles while you're helping solve math problems, throw the bone while you're packing lunches and remember them on your weekend excursions. 

Good luck and best wishes on your Back to School preparations!

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