Make the Most of the Daylight

Every year, we welcome "Fall Back" when Daylight Savings Time ends. However, there are some of us who might appreciate the extra hour of sleep, but aren't welcoming the daylight we're giving up. How, when our lives seem to go from 1-100 as soon as November hits, do we find the time to accomplish our to-do list? I don't know about some, but when the workday closes and its dark...a nice comfy fire, a movie, and some wine is all we want to cuddle up with. (We could recommend some fantastic wines from your local Brookshire Brothers, but that's another blog, right?) But alas, we have families, friends and commitments to meet and take care of. So, here's our tips for making the most of your day!

  • Start earlier. Yes, we said it. Move that alarm clock back 30 minutes to allow for more productivity. Studies show that you're most productive in the first few hours of waking. So pour some coffee and tackle that list! And, if you're really tired, take that 30 minutes back when you go to bed by lying down earlier.
  • Rearrange your day. There are some tasks that can be done in the evening after the sun goes down - like homework, laundry, and cleaning. If your kids want to soak up the few hours of sun, let them before it goes down! 
  • Watch the naps. Earlier sunsets throws everyone off. But when you take a late nap and wake up when its dark outside, you can really be thrown off. Try to watch when you and your little ones nap and adjust the times accordingly to not create sleepless nights.
  • Take your lunch outside. Here in Texas, it may have been technically "autumn" for a few weeks, but the temperatures still feel like summer. Enjoy what little bit of heat we have left and eat outside at lunch. For most 9-5ers, that little bit of sun may be all you see for the workday.
  • Incorporate soups, stews, and chilis into your menu. Don't spend your day cooking inside! Grab that crockpot and throw all you need in for a few hours while you spend time outdoors. It'll be ready when it's dinner time.
  • Embrace the change! We know, change hurts. But by December, you'll be used to it and even busier with planning for Christmas, that the time change will be a distant memory.