Brookshire Brothers Weighs in on Eggs

Egg production has been a hot button in the food industry recently.  Some companies throughout the egg supply chain have made public announcements about working toward ‘cage-free’ egg production.  Brookshire Brothers joins with other retailers in promoting an industry-wide evolution toward more cage-free egg production.

Jerry Johnson, President and CEO of the Lufkin, Texas-based grocery chain, stated, “The industry is moving in the direction of ‘cage-free’ egg production, and we have been moving with it. A goal of 2025 has been used by most as a target, but wouldn’t it be great to beat that? We must however, first ensure that there is a safe, adequate and affordable supply of eggs for our customers.”  

Mr. Johnson also stressed, “The current production of ‘cage-free’ eggs is not sufficient to satisfy consumer demand at an affordable price. These are issues the industry must work through.”  Currently, most Brookshire Brothers stores throughout Texas and Louisiana offer several brands of cage-free eggs and egg substitutes for its customers who prefer them.

The Brookshire Brothers CEO also added,  “In addition, current food subsidy programs do not provide reimbursement for the expense of ‘cage free’ eggs. Cooperation from state and governmental agencies that handle these programs will be necessary so that all of our customers have access to these products.”

In closing, Mr. Johnson states,  “We look forward to working with all parties in a reasoned and rational way toward a common goal.”

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