Nine for November: Try Something New

Nine New Foods and Drinks to Try this Month

What better way to celebrate the changing leaves than by eating something different?  Whether it’s a totally new-to-you food or an old favorite done a new way, challenge yourself to taste nine new things this month to add real fresh, real delicious variety to your life.  Here are nine ideas you can use to get started, but don’t let me limit you – just head to your local Brookshire Brothers grocery store for inspiration.

Nine New Foods and Drinks to Try in November 2017



This probiotic fermented tea is a totally fresh way to get your daily dose of healthy bacterial goodness. This probiotic bacteria can do beneficial wonders for your gut and immune system. Better yet, kombucha is a perfect alternative to soda because it is bubbly, tangy, low in carbohydrate, and comes in a variety of flavors.


These grains and seeds have recently become trendy, but, ironically, their consumption was common before the advent of modern food production.  Because grains are actually just seeds, they can be soaked and sprouted prior to consumption.  Sprouting unleashes a seed’s potential because they keep their nutrition stores locked up until germination—a process that sends a signal to the seed to release the nutrients needed to grow a plant.  Sprouting thus increases digestibility and the availability of nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin C, and even protein. Most of these nutrients are hard to get enough of—especially for those with limited meat intake—which makes sprouts extra beneficial.  These foods—rice, wheat, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and a variety of others—are “sprouting” up regularly now, so give them a try!

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So maybe you tried radishes once or even twice, and you subsequently wrote them off as something on the “don’t like” list.  Please, TRY THEM AGAIN.  You see, radishes are not the kind of thing you should just bite into and decide whether you like them.  Instead, they belong as a beautiful complement to other foods.  Slice radishes thinly and add them to salads for a beautiful pop of color and a zesty crunch with a faintly peppery bite.  Better yet, toss them in with a batch of roasted veggies.  When roasted they lose their peppery bite and become sweet little veggie orbs. Here’s the deal: Olive oil, salt, and pepper + any other roasting veggie of your choice + 425F degrees for about 20 minutes = RADISH MAGIC. You can even throw in the radish leaves with your roasted veggie mashup and they’ll crisp up in the oven to make nicely toasted chips.


Turnips are cooked like potatoes and have a similar flavor, except they’re very low calorie and extremely nutritious.  Consider shaking your next soup up with turnips in place of potatoes—and don’t toss the turnip greens!  With a little butter, salt, and pepper, sautéed turnip greens make for a delicious side dish. Or, try tossing the greens in your vegetable soup similar to the way you would use spinach.  Delicious, nutritious, and thrifty—turnips have it all.

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Fennel has a surprisingly diverse flavor reminiscent of licorice or anise.  The flavor may sound strange for a vegetable, but it is very complimentary to many foods.  Sliced, raw fennel bulbs make a wonderful addition to salads and even coleslaw.  Fennel also makes for a great soup, sautéed side dish, or roasted accompaniment to chicken or pork.  Moreover, the fronds look similar to dill, making for a lovely garnish.


Kefir is a probiotic fermented milk product that is similar in flavor to yogurt, but typically has many more strains of beneficial bacteria and yeast. AKA, it’s great for gut health.  You can find it in a variety of flavors similar to smoothie drinks.  However, be aware that—like yogurt—it often has added sugars, so keep an eye on portion size or choose plain products.  A fun twist on kefir is to make it savory rather than sweet by choosing plain kefir and adding salt to taste.

Lentils: Nine New Foods and Drinks to Try in November 2017


Lentils are nutrition powerhouses.  They are an excellent source of protein and rich in a variety of nutrients, including folate, vitamin C, iron, zinc, vitamin K, choline, and the other B vitamins. Lentils are most frequently found in soup recipes, but they can also be used in salads, rice dishes, or standalone side dishes.



Sauerkraut may have a funny name, but it’s definitely a star when it comes to adding a salty crunch to sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, or even as a snack.  Fermentation is the simple process of adding salt to the cabbage to create brine; thus, sauerkraut is traditionally made without heat canning.  If the right amount of salt is added, the conditions are perfect for the beneficial bacteria naturally present on the vegetable’s surface to multiply and “cure” the cabbage, creating flavorful compounds. The bacteria even improve the nutritional qualities of the cabbage because it can produce nutrients as the cabbage cures.  Fermented sauerkraut that has never been heated retains its wonderful probiotic qualities, plus it’s crispier than canned or cooked varieties. Better yet, you can even find different flavors, such as my favorite— Farmhouse Cultures Smoked Jalapeno Sauerkraut.

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Okay, so most people like butter, so it shouldn’t be a big ask to get you to try a new brand.  Kerrygold butter is worth a try because the flavor is rich and the beautiful golden hue is due to the high beta-carotene content of the premium quality milk. Once you taste it, you’ll never look back.


Angela Larson is a registered dietitian (RD) who works with Brookshire Brothers promoting real fresh, real delicious foods and nutrition education to the community. She is also a clinical dietitian representing Woodland Heights Medical Center in Lufkin where she does outreach education on food and nutrition. Food is her passion, so Angela loves trying new recipes and exploring the more holistic side of nutrition. Angela loves to cook, garden, and spend time outdoors. In addition to the Brookshire Brothers blog, look for Angela's monthly articles in Charm East Texas.