Brookshire Brothers Buys Anahuac Grocer
Brookshire Brothers expands its reach to Chambers County with this month's acquisition of Hill's Grocery in Anahuac. In making the announcement, Brookshire Brothers President and CEO Jerry Johnson says, "We recognize that we no longer operate in a 'one size fits all' retail world. Adapting to the needs of our customers in the communities where they live fits well with our mission. We are delighted to fly the B & B Foods banner in Anahuac and look forward to getting to know our customers and their needs.
The B & B Foods concept is designed for smaller, rural communities. The Anahuac store will have a wide array of meat, produce, frozen and dairy with the addition of some bakery items all in a smaller footprint than is found in a traditional grocery store. Brookshire Brothers operates 9 B & B Foods stores with more on the horizon.
Hill's Grocery has been in operation since 1946 when Charles and Sam Hill's parents opened up shop in a little frame house in town. The boys grew up in the business and have run it from the 1200 Miller Street location since 1973. Shoppers can expect to see some familiar faces in the store, including Sam Hill in the meat market.
Chambers County customers can expect to see some changes on the outside and inside with new signage, parking lot, refrigerator cases and equipment throughout the store's 12.603 square feet.
Company leadership encourages current and future customers to let them know how they can better serve their needs. They can make their requests known to the store director or go on-line to and share their suggestions.