Hometown Celebration Winners

We're making it rain grocery cards! Congratulations to the following Hometown Celebration Winners!


$20,000 CASH plus $5,000 Community Donation:

Tiffiny from Kountze, TX

$50 Grocery Gift Card:

Deidra from Crockett, TX
Lawana from Lufkin, TX
David from Wimberley, TX
Laura from Wimberley, TX
Kay from Pollok, TX
Juanita from Lufkin, TX
Sidney from Jacksonville, TX
Mickey from Wimberley, TX
Vickie from Huntsville, TX
Jolene from Sulphur, LA
Angela from Hemphill, TX
Judy from Vidor, TX
Lindsay from Lumberton, TX
Lindsay from Magnolia, TX
Carol from Wimberley, TX
Leeann from Buckholts, TX
Earnest from Lufkin, TX
Rebecca from Washington, TX
Rhonda from DeRidder, LA
Rex from Lufkin, TX
Angie from Bellville, TX
Brenda from Bellville, TX
Debbe from Salado, TX
Mercedes from Coldspring, TX
Caitlin from Montgomery, TX
Connie from Rusk, TX
Robert from Hockley, TX
William from Fort Worth, TX
Deborah from Missouri City, TX
Penney from Teague, TX
Karen from Cameron, TX
Brad from Wimberley, TX
Jennifer from Huntington, TX
Lauren from Lufkin, TX
Danny from Livingston, TX
Karey from Whitesboro, TX
Larry from Woodville, TX
Bobbie from Buna, TX
Latricia from Princeton, TX
Betty from Lufkin, TX
Sharon from Navasota, TX
Tonya from Lufkin, TX
Kathy from Hearne, TX
Mary from Onalaska, TX
Savannah from Pilot Point, TX
Pam from Madisonville, TX
Johna from Apple Springs, TX
Joe from Fairfield, TX
Marcayla from Jacksonville, TX
Shara from Eagle Lake, TX
Jeanie from Buffalo, TX
Shana from Jasper, TX
Rachel from Livingston, TX
Vera from Trinity, TX
Brandy from Hallettsville, TX
Maria from Vidor, TX
Martin from Liberty, TX
Denise from Waller, TX
Betty from Granbury, TX
Mark from Bon Wier, TX
Debroah from Kirbyville, TX
Raylene from Woodville, TX
Heather from Hemphill, TX
Amanda from Buffalo, TX
Amber from Huntington, TX
Peggy from Wimberley, TX
Mendy from Hudson, TX
Doris from Milam, TX
Laura from Trinity, TX
Pam from Huntington, TX
Pam from Timpson, TX
Paul from Brenham, TX

Free Groceries for a Year:

Diannah from Newton, TX
Alexia from Logansport, TX
Dawn from Sadler, TX
Earl from Lorena, TX


$100,000 Cash PLUS a $25,000 Community Donation:

Nellie from Ganado, TX

2015 Ford Escape Titanium:

Morgan from Lufkin, TX
Jennifer from Magnolia, TX

$10,000 Home Makeover:

Lavern from Saratoga, TX
William from Onalaska, TX

Dream Family Vacation:

Patricia from DeRidder, LA
Cynthia from Jasper, TX
Kenneth from Broaddus, TX

Free Groceries for a Year:

Blake from Woodville, TX
Jennifer from Fairfield, TX
Julie from Salado, TX

Free Gas for a Year:

Lynn from Katy, TX
Cynthia from Lufkin, TX
Sheilyn from Pollok, TX
John from Groveton, TX
Shanah from Midway, TX
Linsey from Fairfield, TX
Joyce from Somerville, TX
Jennifer from Wimberley, TX

KitchenAid Stand Mixer:

Tobie from Diboll, TX
Michael from Wimberley, TX
Cody from Newton, TX
Garfield from Livingston, TX
Jo from Rusk, TX
Michael from Katy, TX
Christina from Bruceville, TX
Joel from Hamilton, TX
David from Kountze, TX
Clandra from Lufkin, TX
Niki from Trinity, TX
Lynda from Nacogdoches, TX
Sandra from Rusk, TX
Chad from Tatum, TX
Melissa from Kirbyville, TX
Bertha from Rockdale, TX
Patricia from Dayton, TX
Elizabeth from Nacogdoches, TX
Harriett from Sulphur, LA
Kathaleen from Newton, TX
Amy from San Augustine, TX
Tracy from San Augustine, TX
Brittney from San Augustine, TX
Deanna from Bruceville, TX
Vicki from Buffalo, TX
Opal from Liberty, TX
Donna from Lufkin, TX
Deborah from Huntsville, TX
Melody Sue from Silsbee, TX
Jack from Granbury, TX
Sheila from Logansport, LA
Conor from Lufkin, TX
Jerri from Livingston, TX
Joanna from Buffalo, TX
Theresa from Lexington, TX

Samsung Galaxy Tablet:

Shamika from DeRidder, LA
Martha from Buna, TX
Leonard from Corrigan, TX
Felix from Eagle Lake, TX
Peggy from Granbury, TX
Pamela from Wimberley, TX
Marina from Jewett, TX
James from Joaquin, TX
Tracy from Cleveland, TX
James from Colmesneil, TX
Warren from Caldwell, TX
Glenn from Livingston, TX
Terri from Kennard, TX
Katherine from Silsbee, TX
Rachel from Somerville, TX
Jesus from Henderson, TX
Linda from San Augustine, TX
Donna from Granbury, TX
Sherry from San Augustine, TX
Becky from Granbury, TX
Kathy from Smithville, TX
Mary from Buna, TX
Paul Douglas from Wimberley, TX
Angela Renee from Merryville, LA
Maria from Eagle Lake, TX
Martha from Livingston, TX
John from Caldwell, TX
Lauretta Kay from New Caney, TX
Sherri from Deridoler, LA
Britany from Teague, TX
Belva from Mt Enterprise, TX
Brandi from Hemphill, TX
Deborah from Cameron, TX
Eugenia from Hallettsville, TX
Charlene from New Caney, TX
Lavern from Saratoga, TX
Donna from Lorena, TX
Brandy from Lorena, TX
Jana from Kaufman, TX
Brandy from Silsbee, TX
Fannie from Silsbee, TX
Carmen from Diboll, TX
Pamela from Fairfield, TX
Heather from Wimberley, TX
Ashley from Tatum, TX
Linda from Nacogdoches, TX
Vickie from Timpson, TX
Russell from Fairfield, TX
Connie from Wimberley, TX
Douglas from Bellville, TX
Tara from Newton, TX
Qushana from Silsbee, TX
Beatrice from Navasota, TX
Rachael from Ledbetter, TX
Michael from Onalaska, TX
Falicio from Brenham, TX
Christina from Nacogdoches, TX
Yvonne from Livingston, TX

Double Up Sweepstakes - $5,000 Family Vacation:

Reva from Caldwell, TX
Alice from Broaddus, TX

$50 Grocery Gift Card:

Laura from Smithville, TX
Bridgette from Magnolia, TX
Cindy from Edgewood, TX
Janice from Hemphill, TX
Julia from Trinity, TX
Patsy from Cameron, TX
Carolyn from Pineland, TX
Lonnie from Jasper, TX
Eloise from Bellville, TX
Donna from Venus, TX
Shirley from Corrigan, TX
Sherrie from Onalaska, TX
Lori from Corrigan, TX
Lynn from Whitney, TX
Hanno from Katy, TX
Pamela from Trinity, TX
Sandra from Bon Wier, TX
Linda from Jasper, TX
Kristina from New Caney, TX
Mary from Cameron, TX
Mildred from Hempstead, TX
William from Buna, TX
Dennis from Kaufman, TX
Sylvia from Cameron, TX
Judy from DeQuincy, LA
Anita from Giddings, TX
Susan from Zavalla, TX
David from Jacksonville, TX
Jason from Waxahachie, TX
James from Lufkin, TX
Vicki from Buffalo, TX
Margie from San Augustine, TX
Cassandra from Washington, TX
Doris from Italy, TX
Therma from Many, LA
Henry from Houston, TX
Christine from Crawford, TX
Loretta from Buffalo, TX
Amanda from Warren, TX
Barbie from Wartham, TX
Jenny from Rusk, TX
Linda from Caldwell, TX
Betty from Granbury, TX
Bobbie from Jasper, TX
Billie from Nacogdoches, TX
Julia from Nacogdoches, TX
Jimmy from Moody, TX
Debra from Salado, TX
Donald from Hearne, TX
Phelesia from Woodville, TX
Carolyn from Corrigan, TX
Marjory from Salado, TX
Tommye from Center, TX
Marilyn from Newton, TX
Verna from DeQuincy, LA
Nancy from Lufkin, TX
Roxana from Jewett, TX
Dolly from Kaufman, TX
Ida from Hallettsville, TX
Shirley from Broaddus, TX
Gloria from Woodville, TX
Letriccia from Lumberton, TX
Latisha from Pineland, TX
Dwan from Diboll, TX
Jessica from Ledbetter, TX
Sherley from Brenham, TX
Brandy from Pineland, TX
Blake from Woodville, TX
Nannette from Corrigan, TX
Michael from Hearne, TX
Edna from Giddings, TX
Cassie from Salado, TX
Beathrice from Woodville, TX
Pamela from Broaddus, TX
Susan from Zavalla, TX
Louise from Rusk, TX
Anita from Kirbyville, TX
Bill from Bon Wier, TX
Larry from Onalaska, TX
Tanya from Mexia, TX
Brooke from Pineland, TX
George from Lufkin, TX
Harold from Katy, TX
Julie from Onalaska, TX
Sheryl from Smithville, TX
David from Austin, TX
Shannon from Alto, TX
Kjamie from Magnolia, TX
Mona from Bellville, TX
Joe Anne from Madisonville, TX
Glory from Washington, TX
Diana from DeRidder, TX
Arlette from Eagle Lake, TX
Linda from Rockdale, TX
Jerry from Grandbury, TX
Sara from Bellville, TX
Brianna from Cleveland, TX
Lena from Sour Lake, TX
Robert from Whitney, TX
Erin from Katy, TX
Linda from Hamilton, TX
Laura from Salado, TX
Francisco from Lufkin, TX
Johnny from Lufkin, TX
Trista from Lufkin, TX
Jack from Lufkin, TX
Jay from Plantersville, TX
Sharon from Woodville, TX
Johnny from Joaquin, TX
Charlotte from Corrigan, TX
Audrey from Onalaska, TX
Melisa from Rusk, TX
Brandi from Sulphur, LA
Robyn from Lincoln, TX
Delores from Trinity, TX
Connie from Trinity, TX
Gail from New Caney, TX
Debra from New Caney, TX
Laura from Wimberely, TX
Charles from Clifton, TX
Lora from Jasper, TX
Sue from Jacksonville, TX
Billy from Corrigan, TX
James from Deridder, LA
Margaret from Fairfield, TX
Patricia from DeQuincy, TX
Tonya from Huntington, TX
Regina from Woodville, TX
James from Colmesneil, TX
Billy from Trinity, TX
Katie from Vidor, TX
Charlotte from Pitkin, LA
Charlotte from Pineland, TX
Roger from Onalaska, TX
Deborah from Pineland, TX
Brenda from Pineland, TX
Rhonda from De Ridder, LA
Ronnie from Huntington, TX
Edwina from Lutkin, TX
Amy from Ganado, TX
Alice from Wimberely, TX
Darrell from Vidor, TX
James from Hemphill, TX
Sally from Lufkin, TX
Rebecca from Lufkin, TX
Katherine from Ferris, TX
Ginna from New Caney, TX
Yolanda from Liberty, TX
Melissa from Kirbyville, TX
Priscilla from Eagle Lake, TX
Mable from Alto, TX
June from Navasota, TX
Novis from Sacuh, TX
Kanetra from Jasper, TX
Alice from Vidor, TX
Wanda from Kirbyville, TX
Max from Lutkin, TX
Reina from Rockdale, TX
Sally from Lufkin, TX
Lindsey from Lufkin, TX
Juanita from Buffalo, TX
Charlee from Pineland, TX
Jessica from Liberty, TX
Mary from Grandbury, TX
Nona from Silsbee, TX
Randy from Merryville, LA
Rebecca from DeQuincy, LA
Samantha Jo from Joaquin, TX
Alice from Lufkin, TX
Linda from Moody, TX
Jacqueline from Point Blank, TX
Darlene from Coldspring, TX
Ann from Grandview, TX
Laurel from Cameron, TX
George from Piolet Point, TX
Rubin from Lufkin, TX
Patricia from Trinity, TX
Linda from Trinity, TX
Darrell from Normangee, TX
Lisa from Trinity, TX
Melissa from Whitney, TX
Frances from Trinity, TX
Betty from Center, TX
Jerry from Buna, TX
Allisha from Buffalo, TX
Dianna from Rosser, TX
Kathy from Cameron, TX
Janice from Oakhurst, TX
John from Trinity, TX
Tina from Huntington, TX
Renee from Livingston, TX
Tommie from Lufkin, TX
Dorothy from Plantersville, TX
Tammy from Hankamer, TX
Pennie from Midway, TX
Odessa from Columbus, TX
Julie from Buffalo, TX
Evelyn from Caldwell, TX
Carolyn from Meridian, TX
Michele from Walnut Springs, TX
Britany from Teague, TX
Tina from Nacogdoches, TX
Barbara from Hamilton, TX
Fay from Hamilton, TX
Albert from Giddings, TX
Sarai from Cameron, TX
Cathy from Caldwell, TX
Martha from Sulphur, LA
Rhonda from Sulphur, LA
Jesse from Livingston, TX
Helen from Smithville, TX
Joan from Wimberely, TX
Deborah from Altair, TX
John from Buna, TX
Letisha from Kountze, TX
Nikita from Kountze, TX
Shamekia from Lufkin, TX
Marsha from Magnolia, TX
Anita from Madisonville, TX
Barbara from Center, TX
Ester from De Ridder, LA
Virginia from Washington, TX
Melanie from Giddings, TX
Minnie from Whitney, TX
Jo Anne from Waller, TX
John from San Augustine, TX
Stacy from Huntington, TX
Rick from Center, TX
Tenora from Jacksonville, TX
Karla from Grandbury, TX
Dollie from Columbus, TX
Joyce from Wimberely, TX
James from Hemphill, TX
Elizabeth from Lufkin, TX
Cecil from Corrigan, TX
Cori from Italy, TX
Jim from Bolton, TX
Kelli from Salado, TX
Rose Ann from Belton, TX
Marilyn from Lufkin, TX
Stacy from Dayton, TX
Debbie from Somerville, TX
Peggy from Bellville, TX
Dorothy from Bellville, TX
Vivan from Anahuac, TX
Faith from Cleveland, TX
Evelyn from Montgomery, TX
Charles from Montgomery, TX
Carolyn from Rockdale, TX
Teresa from Pilot Point, TX
Michelle from Dayton, TX
David from Crandall, TX
Vanity from Lufkin, TX
Rita from Hearne, TX
Mazie from Plantersville, TX
Yuvette from Jacksonville, TX
Tony from Tatum, TX
Judy from Logansport, LA
Ronald from Granbury, TX
Mark from Glen Rose, TX
Amanda from Clifton, TX
Julie from Bellville, TX
Charles from Bon Wier, TX
Jo from Alto, TX
Shaney from Alto, TX
Taylor from Vasper, TX
La'Shanna from Center, TX
Jimmy from Katy, TX
Catherine from Meridian, TX
Frances from Trinity, TX
Maria from Broaddus, TX
Kelly from Lufkin, TX
Teresa from Buffalo, TX
Patricia from Marquez, TX
Laurie from Apple Springs, TX
Clay from San Augustine, TX
Lu Ester from Lufkin, TX
Vicki from Hempstead, TX
Jeannie from Maypearl, TX
Rebecca from Dayton, TX
Rebecca from Dayton, TX
Wanda from Cleveland, TX
Paul from Plantersville, TX
Kathryn from Navasota, TX
Marie from Trinity, TX
Judy from Huntsville, TX
Tonhia from Shelbyville, TX
Debra from Colmesneil, TX
Cloye from Hemphill, TX
Connie from Joaquin, TX
Annabell from Shelbyville, TX
Sarah from Buna, TX
Sandra from Pineland, TX
Cris from Pineland, TX
Delbert from Huntington, TX
Jessica from Lorena, TX
Tina from Magnolia, TX
Janette from Groveton, TX
Priscilla from Alvarado, TX
Katrice from Fairfield, TX
Ann from Fairfield, TX
Mina from Fairfield, TX
Jerri from Livingston, TX
Aaron from Livingston, TX
Frances from Richards, TX
Rita from Smithville, TX
Larry from Smithville, TX
Wallace from Smithville, TX
Karrie from Smithville, TX
JoAnn from Smithville, TX
Leah from Sour Lake, TX
Lisa from Liberty, TX
Karen from Dayton, TX
Cheryl from Dayton, TX
Barbara from Sulphur, LA
Sandy from Brenham, TX
Ruby from Brenham, TX
Lori from Ganada, TX
Mary from Somerville, TX
Jennifer from Somerville, TX
Francis from Kopperl, TX
Darla from Italy, TX
Mark from Rosebud, TX
Kimberly from Rosebud, TX
Lisa from Coldspring, TX
Debra from Cameron, TX
Angelica from Cameron, TX
Kimberly from Donie, TX
Sharon from Nacogdoches, TX
Ozell from Nacogdoches, TX
Shayla from Granbury, TX
Margie from Giddings, TX
Linda from Paige, TX
Shelley from New Caney, TX
Ramona from Dayton, TX
Vaniece from Corrigan, TX
Christian from Marquez, TX
Stacee from Kountze, TX
Linda from Coldspring, TX
Lynda from Kountze, TX
Keith from Center, TX
Billie from Jasper, TX
Vicki from McGregor, TX
Evelyn from McGregor, TX
Becky from Jasper, TX
Lori from Valley Mills, TX
Susan from Livingston, TX
Christy from Livingston, TX
Adan from Milano, TX
David from De Ridder, TX
Ernie from De Ridder, TX
Emma from Cameron, TX
Jerry from Caldwell, TX
Minnie from Somerville, TX
Dorothy from Wimberely, TX
Lillian from Glidden, TX
Irene from New VLM, TX
Tammy from Buna, TX
Cydell from Giddings, TX
Sue from Teague, TX
Robert from Paige, TX
Melba from De Ridder, TX