Crafts for Mom

Mother's Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day, oftentimes the best gifts are those from the heart. It doesn’t take a lot of money or shopping to make your momma or grandmomma’s day. 
Here are a few suggestions for simple ideas to do with the kids at home that they will love and she will treasure for years to come. 

Handmade CardHomemade Card

Start with the quintessential handmade card. Many times a year, we can get so many store bought cards that it honestly means much more to receive a heartfelt handwritten, crayon covered piece from the kiddos. This can be as creative and complicated as you and the kids want to make it. Take their ages and abilities into consideration. 

Stop by your local Brookshire Brothers to restock on crayons and construction paper. Spruce up the card by adding some cutouts. Have the kids fold pieces of paper in half and draw half of what they want to cut out, like a heart, by the crease. Then use some glue to paste it on the creation. 

From buttons to pipe cleaners, the canvas is yours!

Love NotesLove Note Mason Jar

One crafty gift idea that is sure to win some points with Mom is a jar filled with personalized notes from the family. Get everyone to join in. Write things that you love and appreciate about her, things you are all thankful for that she does every day. She could read them all in one sitting or save one for days where she needs a pick-me-up. 

You can have the kids use their decorating skills to spruce up the jar. Cut out “Mom” or a heart in paper or cardboard and tape it to the jar and have them paint over the jar like a stencil. Use decorative scissors to cut a square to do the same but then cut out a picture of the kids and tape it inside of the jar so it peeks out of the open square or rectangular space in the paint.

There are so many ways to make this craft special and specific to your family. 

Rock PaintingRock Painting

Rock painting can be super fun for the whole family, and it can last a long time as a reminder of a special gift. This craft can let the kids’ creativity and imagination explode. They can try everything from the simple “I love Mom” to trying their hand at a portrait! There are a lot of resources out there for rock painting, too. Facebook has some excellent rock painting groups, and some hide them around town! 

Start the kids off with some paint-safe clothing. Go outside or cover the table with a plastic tablecloth or some paper. Pick up some acrylic paints and a few brushes. You can also use paint pens and permanent markers. Rocks with smooth surfaces work best. Purchasing a sealer will help the rocks last even longer. 

Picture FrameHomemade Picture Frame

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So a frame to hold it must be worth something, too, especially when it is created by those you love. While there are many different ways to make a beautiful frame, my favorite has to be the DIY popsicle stick trick. 

The kids can take popsicle sticks and color them with markers or paint in whatever scheme they choose -- rainbow, unicorn, etc. Then, decide on what size the frame should be.

The picture will be clasped on the front of the frame using a hinge clip, so the frame should be larger than the photo. When you decide, line up the sticks horizontally. Take the hot glue gun and glue four sticks to the four corners of the back of your frame for support. Hot glue the hinge clip to the front of the frame along with any additional designs you’d like to make it your own like buttons or flowers. 

The picture can be printed and clipped right in. You can glue magnets or another stick to the back depending on how Mom would like to display the creation. 

Whatever craft you choose, remember that what matters is the heart. The kids will love to give, and Mom will love to cherish the thoughtfulness of something made just for her.