Cooking with Kate: Gear Up for Grilling

With June quickly slipping away and the 4th of July right around the corner, the summer grilling season is already well underway. Nothing quite beats a warm summer night with a perfectly juicy steak or burger straight off the grill.  But meat doesn’t have to be the only thing on your grill. Be adventurous and try fruits, yes fruits, and vegetables. Worried about grilling fruits and veggies? Follow these tips and happy grilling!

  • Use aluminum loaf pans to grill baked potatoes. 

    Add an inch of kosher or rock salt for added flavor!
  • Make your own foil pack.

    Cut 8x12” square pieces of heavy-duty foil, spray with cooking spray, and add your favorite veggies!

  • Splurge for a grill basket or grill wok.

    Throw in your favorite fruit/vegetable slices and grill all summer long!

  • Add a cedar plank to your collection of grilling accessories.

    Plank grilling is the time-honored technique of grilling food on wood planks. Fish, poultry and meats stay moist and tender!

  • Be adventurous with grilled corn.

    Mix melted butter and taco seasonings and spread on each ear of corn. Pull husks back over ears and enjoy a spicy sensation!