5 Indoor Activities to Keep the Kids Happy


Stuck at the house with the kids and not sure how to keep them preoccupied for days on end? Here are 5 indoor activities (screen-free) to help you spend quality time with your little ones while keeping them entertained.

1.) Bake together. 

There are many benefits of baking with your child. This activity can help them with hand-eye coordination, math skills, hand strengthening, and much more!  Try out this simple sugar cookie & frosting recipe and get creative with every kid’s favorite topping…. SPRINKLES!

2.) Play balloon tennis.

This game is great for when your little ones need to release some energy! Gather up some wooden spoons (or some sort of stick to use as handle), tape, paper plates and a balloon. Take a stick and tape it to the paper plate – now you have a racket! To play this game, each kid gets a balloon racket and tries to keep the balloon from hitting the ground. Don't have the supplies to make a racket? No problem! This game is just as fun when you use your hands as the racket.

3.) Get competitive with board games.

Dust off all of the old board games in your hall closet! Put some blankets on the floor and gather around one another for fun games and yummy snacks. This is where those cookies will come in handy!  

4.) Make homemade play dough.

What kid doesn’t love play dough? Save a few bucks on the expensive stuff and make it yourself. All you’ll need is salt, flour, cream of tartar, oil and water. Click here for instructions. 

5.) Build a fort and read a book aloud!

This is an activity that can be both exercise and relaxation. Once the kids are exhausted from building their majestic blanket fortress in your living room, encourage them to cozy up with their favorite book and practice reading aloud with them.
With all of the uncertainty in the world right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to stay positive and cherish every moment. Whether you're working from home, entertaining and homeschooling your kids, or just binge watching movies - cherish this time with the ones you love.   
POSTED BY Kenzie Promes