What We Support

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As your community grocer, we generously support organizations and activities that make life better in our communities. Initiatives and programs addressing education, hunger, health initiatives and programs that lay the foundation for stronger communities are at the very core of our mission to be good people who sell good food and do good deeds.

Support Policies and Guidelines

  • All support requests must be submitted through our online process
  • Non-profit status must be verifiable
  • Applications need to be submitted 45 days in advance of your event
  • Only one request per event or activity should be submitted annually
  • Funding approval will be communicated via email

Brookshire Brothers may contribute gift cards, checks, product (in-kind support) or volunteers depending on the organization’s needs. 

Generally, Brookshire Brothers does not provide support for the following: 

  • Individuals
  • Advertising and promotions including signs, t-shirts and promotional print materials
  • Reducing debts or past operating ventures
  • Political or partisan organizations or campaigns
  • Endowment funds
  • Talent and beauty contests
  • Research
  • Religious organizations
  • Mass-produced requests that may have been sent to various organizations
  • Sports sponsorships
  • Medical expenses and/or benefits for individuals

Donation Request

Click here to learn more about the Brookshire Brothers Charitable Foundation.

Your Community Grocer Since 1921

Whether it’s providing solutions for a party at home or counseling a customer on medication interactions, our employee owners are here to serve. But they also take their talents outside of our local stores to serve their communities. The meat cutter you see in the market department may also be the little league coach. Your pharmacy tech may tutor at your child’s school. A cashier may work at the local food pantry.

Other ways that we engage with our customers and communities include:

  • Donating to food banks

  • Partnerships with our local school districts, as well as with programs like Junior Achievement and Project Graduation

  • Partnerships with our local chambers of commerce

  • Hurricane or disaster relief efforts

Feeding the Hungry

Our customers help us feed the hungry by participating in the in-store Brown Bags of Hope and the Helping a Neighbor in Need programs.  When customers purchase a Brown Bag of Hope or a hot meal during the holidays, our staff then distributes those donations to food pantries, veterans’ organizations and schools across our communities.

Health Matters

Your health is so important to us.  Our pharmacy teams regularly attend health fairs, breast cancer awareness events or diabetes clinics educating folks about how to take better care of themselves. Our passion to promote good nutrition takes us to school events across Texas and Louisiana, where we get to talk about some of our favorite things, like fruits and vegetables. We consider it our mission to equip our customers with the information they need to live well.

Supporting Our Youth

As a grocer, we recognize that all of the food we sell within our stores was grown at one point, so it’s important to us to help develop the next generation of agricultural experts. Our Store Directors support hundreds of local agricultural programs and the young people they serve, who work hard raising livestock or building projects throughout the year. 

Fun Fests

We know that fairs, festivals and celebrations weave into the very fabric of a community. We support local and statewide festivals that draw visitors into the towns we serve and excite the folks who live there. The Texas Forest Festival, Fiddlers Frolics, The Texas Blueberry Festival, Butterfly Festival and Cinco de Mayo celebrations are just a few we sponsor.

Life’s a Zoo

Lufkin’s Ellen Trout Zoo is directly across the street from our Corporate Headquarters. Each spring, our employee-owners invest a day of sweat equity building habitats, replacing fences, planting foliage and sprucing up the zoo.  

For each box of Crav’n Animal Crackers purchased in our stores, we donate a $.25 back to the Ellen Trout Zoo, which has resulted in thousands of dollars being spent to help educate millions of children and adults about the natural world.