New Year's Wine Resolutions for 2015

Drink Better – It’s all about WHINE Down Time

Unlike most of the normal New Year’s resolutions that we routinely fail to stick to—lose weight, work out or save money, this year you can actually keep some of your resolutions by making them wine-related.  In other words, relax and enjoy some wine after work and tune out the ‘whining’!

Better Wine Storage

Stock up!  Most folks are getting rid of things during the first part of the new year. We suggest you add something to your inventory. Get a wine rack or even better, a wine refrigerator or cellar.  You’ll always know what you have on hand and available and your wine collection won’t waste away.

Drink More Broadly

Uncork or twist off the possibilities!  Broaden your horizons and try something different.  There are some really good wines coming from more parts of the world than ever before.  Have an open mind and dare to try something new and different. You never know what you might find, maybe even a new favorite!

What are your wine-drinking resolutions for 2015?  We’d like to sip and see them!