Me Time

Summer is a beautiful time of year, and spending time outside is an excellent way to improve your mood and outlook. Whether you just have a few minutes or a whole afternoon, discover your outdoor 'Me Time' style and get some fresh air – you deserve it!

Unwind with a Great Book

Reading can be a great way to get some #MeTime, and doing it outdoors makes it that much more special. Grab this week's sale papers, the newspaper, a favorite magazine you’ve been meaning to peruse, or a recipe book for fun meal ideas. Pair with a glass of your favorite Sutter Home wine and head out to soak in the sunshine.

Grow Something

Caring for a full garden or a selection of charming potted plants can support stress relief and your overall well-being. Take a break from your busy schedule and connect with nature.

Dine al Fresco

Where’s the rule that every meal must take place indoors? Whether it’s an afternoon snack or a simple dinner, dining outside can be a nice change of pace, reminding you to enjoy every bite and each sip.

Look to the Sky

Nothing can clear the mind like daydreaming with the passing clouds on a pretty day or gazing at the stars on a clear night. Take some time to relax with a comfy chair or soft blanket, your favorite Sutter Home wines, and the open sky.