Change is Good! Brookshire Brothers is Better.

Grocery delivery, smokehouse foods, handmade pizza and more in a recently renovated store! 

Lufkin, TX (August 20, 2018) – Brookshire Brothers rolls out the red carpet, inviting folks in Huntsville and Walker County to see its new look and experience its expanded fresh offerings! The Lufkin-based company, that’s had a presence in Huntsville for decades, has invested several million dollars in the upgrade of its 11th Street location. 
The new store front for our Huntsville Brookshire Brothers
On Wednesday, the store opens wide its doors for the official ‘ribbon cutting’ with the Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce at 4:30. After the ribbon is cut there will be beer, wine and food samplings throughout the store.
A sign advertising the fresh cut fruit in the newly remodeled Huntsville store
On Saturday August 25th from 10AM-3PM Brookshire Brothers will host a community wide, family-friendly event that will reach from the parking lot all through the store. Children are invited to ‘touch a truck’ – and meet first responders from the Huntsville Fire and Police Departments as well as check out a big eighteen wheeler. Everyone’s invited to take part in the “Explore our Store” Scavenger Hunt, spin the prize wheel, sign up for CELEBRATE and enjoy the samplings throughout the store. 
A Brookshire Brothers florist standing at a counter with a potted plant.
The friendly faces that currently serve you will be doing so in an upgraded store with new features like online shopping and home delivery through Brookshire Brothers Anywhere. Customers can order groceries online then pick them up curbside or have their groceries delivered to their door. The platform also enables customers to interact with their personal shoppers. In addition to making notes about how green they want their bananas or how thick they like their steaks, customers can also make note of substitutions. It becomes a two-way conversation resulting in an even more interactive customer-personal shopper relationship. To start shopping go to Use the code 3FREE to waive your service fees. 
A Brookshire Brothers Anywhere cart parked outside the online order area
In addition to online shopping, the store’s been completely refreshed – with an updated storefront, new flooring, roofing, restrooms, coolers, checkstands, and shelving. The entire store has energy efficient equipment like LED lighting and new refrigeration cases that reduce costs and lessens environmental impact. 
A wide shot of the Frozen Foods section in the newly remodeled Huntsville store.
For foodies, there’s a number of new additions including a handmade pizza station, hand-crafted deli sandwiches and paninis, and a fresh line up of Easy Eats meal solutions for busy people. Brookshire Brothers’ new Smoked In House BBQ lineup offers customers freshly smoked brisket, ribs, sausage and more.
Four trays of Easy Eats meals in the new Huntsville deli
Budweiser Rocky Mountain BBQ

Budweiser makes you the King of the Grill this summer with this signature burger recipe! 

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Wine Pairing Tips for Outdoor Gatherings

Wine is not just for special occasions! It can be the perfect guest at any backyard barbecue or gathering.

Ladies Drinking Wine

  • Don’t worry about bringing your fine stemware outside – use inexpensive stems, plastic cups or tumblers instead 
  • Anything goes at a barbecue! 
  • Place white wines in a cooler with ice to keep them chilled; place reds in the shade 
  • Incorporate fruit into side dishes or sauces to complement the fruit aromas and flavors in your wine 
  • Match the body and flavor intensity of the food and wine:
  • Light-bodied wine with simply prepared, delicate dishes such as fish
  • Medium-bodied wines with hearty white meats
  • Full-bodied wine with flavorful red meat dishes
  • Sometimes opposites attract – try hot, spicy foods with chilled, fruity whites 
  • Conventional wisdom states that white wines typically work well with seafood and poultry, while red wines work well with meat. This is a safe base, but don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, salmon is delicious with light-bodied reds! 
  • Consider not only the main ingredient, but the method of preparation and the sauce/side dishes. For example, pair Pinot Noir with grilled meats and roasted meats with Cabernet Sauvignon. Side dishes, such as sweet potatoes should be paired with a Riesling and pasta in red sauce with Merlot 
  • Wines with crisp acidity, like Pinot Grigio, work well with high acid foods (such as ceviche or lemon-pepper sole) 
  • Meat dishes balance powerful, tannic red wines, like Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • Fruity and aromatic wines, such as Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay, are the best accompaniment to greens, vegetables and spicy foods 
  • Wines and foods from the same region tend to pair well together 
  • Trust your own taste – if it tastes good to you, it’s a successful food and wine pairing 

Cavit Wines