We are Brookshire Brothers!

The first Brookshire Brothers store, started by brothers Austin and Tom Brookshire, opened on September 21, 1921. In 1928, the family, which by then, included several cousins and a few friends, decided to form a common group, working toward a goal of making a strong regional company.

Business was good, and there were soon 33 Brookshire Brothers stores in East Texas. In 1929, Wood Brookshire and cousin, W.A. Brookshire withdrew from the company, taking with them four stores in Tyler, Texas. This was the start of Brookshire Grocery Company, which operates independently from Brookshire Brothers. 

Brookshire HistoryIn 1952, the company bought Moore Grocery and Lufkin Produce Company. At the same time, Brookshire Brothers entered the wholesale trade and began selling to other stores. By 1968, Brookshire Brothers moved to the west loop in Lufkin. We built a new facility and operated there for about ten years. Moving again, this time to the north loop, we constructed a warehouse and corporate office where the company continues to operate today.

Providing in-store solutions for customers is our hallmark.  That’s one reason we added a pharmacy division.  Our first pharmacy opened in 1992 and we now have 73 stores or free standing locations.  As healthcare evolves, our pharmacists spend more time counseling customers and educating them in all aspects of wellness and medication therapy.

We opened our first Tobacco Barn in 1997. The store’s convenience and full line of tobacco products were an immediate hit. In 1999, we combined a Tobacco Barn with a gasoline station, which again met consumers’ changing needs. 

2007 was a banner year. We entered the convenience store and fuel distribution business when Brookshire Brothers merged with Polk Oil Company.  Our banners grew significantly in 2014, when we acquired the assets of David’s Supermarkets.  This move expanded our footprint into the adjacent north-central Texas region.

Today, Brookshire Brothers continues to innovate. Building on the expertise of our employee-owners gives Brookshire Brothers a real advantage. Day in and day out, we provide solutions to consumers’ needs along with exceptional service. The traditions that began in 1921 continue today and will continue into the future. We run our business with a focus on our customer, offering quality goods and services along with a steadfast belief in family and community.

1921 - Brothers Tom and Austin Brookshire founded Brookshire Brothers in Lufkin, Texas.

1928 - The first expansion of Brookshire Brothers began as the Brookshire family rallied to build a strong regional company.

1929 - Wood and W.A. Brookshire withdrew from the company to form a separate company in Tyler, Texas. This was the birth of Brookshire Grocery Company.

1938 - 32 stores open and operating.

1952 - Brookshire Brothers acquired Moore Grocery and Lufkin Produce Company.

1966 - Three sons of Austin Brookshire, R.A., Eugene, and Oscar, assumed leadership of the company, which grew to 69 stores in East Texas and Western Louisiana.

1968 - Brookshire Brothers built its first warehouse and corporate facility in Lufkin, TX. 

1976 - 75 stores open and operating.

1991 - Brookshire Brothers began offering gasoline on its supermarket parking lots.

1992 - Brookshire Brothers opened its first pharmacy. 

1997 - Brookshire Brothers opened its first Tobacco Barn and expanded its offerings to include discount tobacco.

1999 - Brookshire Brothers embarked on a employee-owner stock buyout.

2006 - Brookshire Brothers becomes 100% employee owned.

2007 - Brookshire Brothers merged with Polk Oil Company, which added fuel distribution and the convenience store format.

2013 - Five new supermarkets and six new convenience stores were added to Brookshire Brothers’ operations.

2014 - Brookshire Brothers acquires the assets of David’s Supermarkets. 

2015 - Brookshire Brothers sells 26 Polk Pick-It-Up convenience stores to Partners Investors C-Stores, Ltd.

2016 – Brookshire Brothers expands west to Canyon Lake and adds new Brookshire Brothers Express formats in Grapeland, TX and Wells, TX.

2016 – Brookshire Brothers celebrates its 95th birthday.

2017 - Brookshire Brothers opens additional Brookshire Brothers Express formats in Hudson, TX and Valley Mills, TX.

2018 – The launch of Brookshire Brothers Anywhere, an online shopping platform for grocery pickup and delivery. 

2019 - Brookshire Brothers acquires Many, Louisiana Market Basket location. 

2019 - Brookshire Brothers announces plans to build a store in College Station, TX on land leased from the Texas A&M University System.