David'sOur David’s stores are traditional full service supermarkets located throughout north central Texas. Founded in 1964 by the Waldrip family, we are proud to carry on the heritage of service and quality that three generations of families have firmly established.

At David’s, our employee-owners consider it a privilege to serve you. Whether it’s helping you locate that hard-to-find item, or carrying out your groceries to your car, we are known for our exceptional customer service.

David's EmployeeOur David’s stores pack a lot of punch in a small package. Stocked full with the cream-of-the-crop produce, fresh cut meat from our experienced meat cutters, and fresh baked cakes, breads and rolls from our in-house bakery, David’s is your total shopping solution.

Our Store Directors and their experienced teams make it their business to know their customers and anticipate their needs. We strive to make our customers feel right at home on every shopping trip.




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