Order Selector

Distribution Center - Lufkin, Texas


Job Summary

An order selector retrieves cases from the racking system and restacks this merchandise onto a loading pallet in order to be sent to retail locations.

Responsibilities: include the following. Other duties may be assigned. Operate a transporter with empty pallets on the back and travel down the aisles selecting cases of merchandise by retrieving them from within the racking system and placing them on your transporter. Travel to the next item to select until your assignments are completed. Drive your transporter to the front dock, deliver finished pallets to the appropriate loading door, and start the process over with a new assignment. Some selectors walk and pick orders into totes or boxes that are marked for each location. Operate all equipment in safe, efficient manner and report safety problems or issues to a foreman or supervisor. Comply with all company policies and procedures, and conduct all operations in a manner that promotes safety. Maintain a clean, neat and orderly work area and report any safety problems or issues to supervisor or safety officer. Perform or assist in conducting any other duties as prescribed or requested. All physical requirements will be discussed during the interview process.

Reports to:

Department Supervisor  

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