B•Bros Rx $aver

Health savings you can count on!

At Brookshire Brothers we strive to earn your trust every day.  One way we do so is by working hard to keep your prescription prices affordable.  

BBros RxSaver

Our pharmacies are proud to offer a great way to save money on your medications. Our BBros Rx Saver list is full of a variety of commonly prescribed generic medications that are priced right for your pocketbook.  By lowering the retail price of these medications, Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy helps provide much-needed relief for high healthcare costs. After all, medication provides no benefit unless it is actually filled and taken as directed.  We want to help ensure price doesn’t stand in your way to getting well.    

Besides the affordability of these medications, a great benefit of the BBros Rx Saver list is that there is no membership required!  There is no program you must join.  No fees to pay.  The prices reflected on the BBros Rx Saver list are offered to all customers regardless of whether you have prescription insurance or not.   Be sure to ask one of our helpful pharmacists how you can start saving money today with BBros Rx Saver.

B•Bros Rx$aver Prescription List

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