Complement Trays

Deli Fruit TrayFruit Tray

A seasonal assortment of only our freshest fruits, made even tastier with a special fruit dip.

Deli Cheese TrayCheese Tray

A robust selection of fine cheeses along with our freshest fruits in season. A favorite among cheese lovers and healthy eaters.


Deli Veggie TrayVeggie Tray

Flavorful and zesty. Munch on pickled okra, sweet pickles, pickle spears, black olives and green Manzanilla olives and grape tomatoes. 


Deli Condiment TrayCondiment Tray

The perfect companion to your sandwich tray. Freshly cut tomatoes, lettuce shreds, thinly sliced onions and pickle chips bring out the best in every sandwich.


Deli Garden Vegetable TrayGarden Vegetable Tray

Everyone loves the crunch of crisp carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, grape tomatoes, yellow squash, and cucumbers. Accented with a vegetable dip... we really bring on the “fresh”.