Registered Pharmacy Technician - Part-Time

Store #17 – Jacksonville, Texas



  1. Assist pharmacist in preparation of prescriptions, inputting data into computer, and   operation of register. 
  2. Assist customers in all areas of the pharmacy practice as permitted by law. 
  3. Re-ordering of medication, supplies, stocking of shelves, and handling sales transactions.
  4. Validate the NDC number from the stock bottle with the NDC number of the file tag when processing prescriptions.
  5. File and sequence new prescriptions documents in proper classification within 48 hours of receipt.
  6. Receive and check in product order and other suppliers.
  7. Collect outdated/overstocked products and prepare returns. 
  8. Assist in all areas of the store operations as dictated by store and pharmacy management. 
  9. Process invoices.
  10. Maintain cleanliness, sanitation, and appearance of pharmacy.  

SUPERVISOR: Pharmacist

PAY RATE: Commensurate with Experience

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