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Last summer I decided that instead of paying someone a reasonable amount of money and waiting ten minutes in the air conditioning for the oil in my truck to be changed, I woul
The forty days of Lent are a time of reflection, fasting, and prayer in preparation for the celebration of Easter.

Top 10 Items for Your Medicine Cabinet this Cold & Flu Season

Did you know that hearing the crack of a pistachio shell is considered good luck in some countries? What about this nut’s distant cousins—mangos and poison ivy?
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A Grocery Guide for College Students

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In our current society of instant everything, it’s easy to forget that some things aren't so “ready-right-now.” Produce is one such thing that often requires extra ti
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With longer days and no school, summer is often a great opportunity to get things done around the house (especially if you skipped spring cleaning).
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As seen in Charm East Texas.

Eating outside is a great way to connect with nature and enjoy a meal alone or with loved ones.

Grab our Top 5 recipes (courtesy of Betty Crocker) for leftover hard-boiled Easter eggs and enjoy new favorites from sandwiches to pasta salads!

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