About Our Company

Our company is headquartered in the Piney woods of East Texas, nestled among tall pine trees, pristine lakes and thousands of acres of woodlands. We currently operate seventy-two retail supermarkets in predominantly rural markets and the outskirts of the Houston metro area. Our stores offer our loyal customers full-service pharmacies and fuel stations. In fact, we’re also one of the largest retail outlets for Conoco fuel.

In 2007, our company merged with Polk Oil Co. of Lufkin, Texas, so we now include fuel distribution and more importantly, operate almost thirty convenience stores in our markets. This merger brought together two companies with a rich history and tradition of service to this part of the state.

As a self-distributing company, supplied by our own procurement staff, our company is positioned for sustained, long term growth, with over 6,000 employee-owners who make this area their home. At Brookshire Brothers, our mission is simple: To create a satisfied customer!

The first Brookshire Brothers store opened on September 21, 1921. It was started by two brothers, Austin and Tom Brookshire. The building occupied by the first Brookshire Brothers food store was located near the Angelina County courthouse square. In the early days, so many folks congregated in front of the store to swap tales and visit, the street became known as "Spit and Whittle." The history of this family is similar to that of many of the families who first settled in East Texas. Some were born in log cabins, knew the hard life of being raised on a poor East Texas farm.

As the family participation increased, new stores were opened and in 1928 the family, which by now, included several cousins and a few friends, decided to form a common group and to work toward a common goal of making this fledgling group of food stores a strong regional company.

The business prospered and soon there were thirty-three Brookshire Brothers in east Texas. In 1929, Wood Brookshire and a cousin, W.A. Brookshire withdrew from the company, taking four stores in Tyler, Texas. This was the start of the Brookshire Grocery Company currently located in Tyler. From that day, both companies have operated separate of the other.

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