General FAQ

Celebrate! FAQ

  • What are the steps to signup to Celebrate!?
  • When you sign up to celebrate!, here’s what’s in store for you:
    • Weekly e-mail blasts offering special contests, promotions, recipes and more!
    • Weekly Beverage blasts promoting special events, new drinks to sample, unique savings and more (must be 21 to participate)
    • Coupons delivered to your inbox on WEDNESDAY!
    • Recipes, special promotions, and deals that will make you smile!
  • Why do I need to add Brookshirebrothers.com to my safe sender's list?

    Email Providers, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, Consolidated, etc., have their own security settings, which can stop emails, such as ours, from going to your inbox. By adding us to your Safe Sender's List, you are telling them that you WANT to receive our emails.

  • How do I add Brookshirebrothers.com to my safe sender's list?

    Each email provider has its own safe sender's list and each one has a different way to add someone. The list below shows procedures for the top providers.

    • Yahoo: Log in and click Contacts in the top left corner, click New Contact, in the email field enter celebrate@email.brookshirebrothers.com and click save. If the email is delivered to your Bulk Folder, open it and click Not Spam.
    • Hotmail: Log in then click Options in the top right corner of your screen. Click More Options. Under Junk Mail click Safe and Blocked Senders. Click Safe Senders. Type Brookshirebrothers.com and click Add to List.
    • Gmail: Click Contacts from Mail dropdown along the left side of your screen, then click New Contact. Type celebrate@email.brookshirebrothers.com in the email location, then Click Save Now in the top right corner.
    • Consolidated: Log in then click on Junk Mail Control on the left side of your screen. Add brookshirebrothers.com to the Allowed Senders and Allowed Mailing List.
  • I'm signed up with a Celebrate! Account, but why am I not getting my emails?
    • Verify that your email address is accurate on your account.
    • Verify that your email account mailbox is not full.
    • Verify that you are subscribed to Celebrate!, that the box is checked next to, “Sign me up to Celebrate!”
    • Check your spam/junk folders to ensure that the email didn't get caught in your filter.
    • Add BrookshireBrothers.com to your list of safe senders

Donations Process FAQs

  • How far in advance do I need to make my request?

    Our employee-owners meet monthly to review requests. Submitting a complete application 45 days before your event insures we can thoroughly review it.

  • Do I have to complete the online application?

    Yes. We receive thousands of requests each year. Our online application insures the consistency of requests while keeping the process efficient.

  • Can I go to my local store for support?

    Yes. On any request, we ask that it’s tied back to the store where the requestor shops. Store directors know their communities and the organizations whose missions align with ours. If your request is greater than what your local store can provide, the store director will direct you to our online application. The Donations Committee relies on the input from store directors when making its decisions. 

  • Can I email the application?

    All email inquiries are directed to the online application.

  • How will I know the status of my application?

    You’ll receive an email confirming receipt of your application. Later you hear from us by email or phone call if your request for funding has been approved, declined or deferred.

  • Who reviews the online requests?

    Our Donations Committee reviews all requests. This group is made up of a cross section of our employee owners. They meet monthly to review requests and recommend funding.  Once granted, our Public Relations Department works with the organization on implementation.

    Unfortunately we are unable to donate to:

    • Individuals
    • Athletic or competition teams
    • Operating expenses
    • School trips
    • Medical expenses
    • Debt reduction

    Charitable Foundation

    The Brookshire Brothers Charitable Foundation is a 501 C (3) organization funding specific projects aligned with our core values. Our generous vendor network supports the Foundation through our charitable golf tournaments held twice a year. Non-profits may apply for funding once a year. Applications are available online each fall. Funds are dispersed typically in January.